The Kwatee Story

“Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.” Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

I’ve always believed in the value of sharing experience and expertise. After more than 20 years of working in business transformation across multiple sectors, I’d seen for myself how critical the guidance of a consultant can be to business success. It’s what motivated me to create my own consultancy company, Kwatee, 3 years ago.

In the initial stages, Kwatee was me. My vision, my knowledge and experience, my delivery. And while that worked really well, the unprecedented challenges facing businesses in recent times prompted me to think bigger. To create something more holistic: a multi-faceted resource that could provide the specialist help people and organisations needed in order to effectively change, grow and thrive.

Creating the team

I knew that bringing other trusted experts into the Kwatee fold was the best way to deliver even more to our customers. The trick was identifying key players who would not only add tangible value but also personify the Kwatee ethos.

I’ve been in business long enough to be able to identify the star performers on any given project. So, I considered the most talented people I’d worked with over the years. Who do I, and others in our field, like and respect? Who can lead, communicate, engage, analyse and motivate at the highest level? What unique skills and qualities do they bring to the table? Who really knows their stuff?

Once the dream team were carefully selected and brought on board, there was no looking back. Over the last 18 months Kwatee has gone from strength to strength. Together we’ve built a robust consultancy collective with a combined experience of over 160 years in helping organisations across multiple sectors transform, deliver and thrive.

To (mis)quote Aristotle: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Although we each bring something to the table individually, as Kwatee, we embody a distinct quality that enables us to deliver enhanced value to our customers.

Embracing the future

“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer, American moral and social philosopher.

Even with decades of expertise and experience under our belts, our philosophy is that you never stop learning, growing and developing your practice. After all, we couldn’t truly help other businesses grow, learn and embrace positive change without practicing what we preach.

Going forward, the Kwatee goal is to collectively continue the same commitment to learning, excellence and continuous professional development that we’ve each held throughout our careers. That means embracing the challenges of today in a positive and proactive way that both adds value to our team and enables our customers to achieve sustainable success.

Neil Holloway, Kwatee Director