Steve Morley

Programme Management

Passionate about creating working environments that allow your team members to thrive and deliver to the best of their ability, achieving excellent business results.

An experienced business leader with international experience across multiple sectors, including Maritime, Ports & Logistics, Defence, Security, Facilities Management and Identity Management.

I am always motivated to ensure that your working environment is fit for purpose, inasmuch as organisation members feel comfortable, are able to communicate freely up and down and can make mistakes without fear of recrimination.

My expertise encompasses building teams that can innovate and ‘wow’ the customer and enabling people to develop meaningful relationships, both internal and external, that improve and drive your business performance.

I believe developing the business strategy in conjunction with the wider team and key stake holders forms a solid foundation for subsequent buy-in, communication and articulation through the business operating plan.

My ethos of delivering the plan through quantifiable accountability for all roles, drives business performance and provides a way point for evolving your strategy and continuous improvement in the way in which you deliver to the customer.

I strive to ensure that the team as found, or the team to be developed, understand and embrace the behaviours and culture your organisation desires.