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The services we provide are those we believe to be at the heart of change and transformation within a business.  We have built up our experience in these areas over many years, working in a variety of markets, and would like to use this expertise to support you and your change journey.

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Change Management

Change Management

Change will always have two sides, there’s the hard side that focuses on process or “the output” and a softer side that focusses on those impacted by any change. Only by managing both of these do you embed change and deliver the associated benefits. We are experienced in using a variety of the change methodologies to support both the hard and soft sides of the transformation you require.

Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

You can only optimise what you understand. Optimisation therefore starts with analysis of the performance of a process to enable you to identify opportunities for improvement. Our analysis is conducted by application of appropriate tools and techniques, whether that be from Lean, Six Sigma or Systems methodologies. The right analysis will provide the data you need to target the right improvements. The Kwatee founding Director is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and his knowledge and expertise will ensure that the methodologies used to support you will provide the maximum benefit to your business.

Change Communications


People can accept good news, and they can accept bad news…but they really struggle to accept no news. A lack of communication opens up the risk of speculation and gossip. Consistent, transparent communications ensure trust and clarity, whilst providing opportunities to feed back and ensure maximum engagement. We understand that good communications planning is critical to the success of a change programme. It should be tailored to all activities and audiences, as well as be sensitive to each stakeholder’s point along their particular change journey. Our experienced Change Communication Specialists are here to help you identify and deliver the most effective strategy for your organisation.

Business Transformation Planning & Delivery


Understanding the full scope of your transformation enables you to develop the right strategy and plan for change. We have significant expertise in delivering business transformation programmes and understand the importance of setting the strategy and developing the plan from the outset. We will work with you to facilitate the right information to plan appropriately – including an understanding of the “as is” and “to be” states, ensuring the latter is aligned to your transformation objectives. Our experts have the required project management experience to approach planning and delivery of activities in a structured way that delivers results.

Change Leadership Development


There are distinct roles within a business transformation programme, including sponsors, leaders and “doers”, each with a specific set of responsibilities to drive effective output. At Kwatee, we have substantial knowledge and experience in working with businesses to support the development of these roles. We collaborate with you to create bespoke workshops and activities to develop change leadership capabilities that align with your business objectives and culture and support the delivery of sustainable change.

Project & Programme Management


As we all know, professional management of projects and programmes significantly increases their success rate and reduces time to completion. Complementary to our expertise in business transformation is our extensive experience in successfully managing simple and complex projects and programmes across a range of sectors. Our experts can support you by managing your internal transformation programmes or external facing client delivery projects, ensuring that work is completed to time, cost and quality.