Oliver Kingsbury

Junior Project Manager

Always eager to take on new challenges and bring my wide-ranging skill set to bear in taking your business to the next level and ensuring your projects deliver to their maximum potential.

A professional and pragmatic Junior Project Manager, I have honed my expertise whilst working on projects across a range of industries including fire safety, engineering, data centres and hospitality.

Experienced in working with teams, both at ground level and in a leadership role, I understand the need for strong communication skills at all points of a project to help maintain healthy working relationships and form a strong result-driven workforce.

My calm, inquisitive and logical methodology allows me to see each situation from all angles, helping you to find the best way forward, clearly identify risks, formulate reasonable, effective solutions, and consistently deliver clear, concise reports to stakeholders and invested parties.

With my broad knowledge base, robust, level-headed approach, and enthusiastic mindset I am well-placed to help your business stay on track with your milestones and objectives and achieve sustainable success.