Neil Holloway

Business Transformation

Passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals – working with teams to deliver improved results and increased business capability aligned to your strategic aims.

A professional change leader with global, multi-sector experience covering Facilities Maintenance, FMCG, Retail and commercial banking, Telecommunications, Business services, Manufacturing, UK Defence and Security.

I never forget that people sit at the core of change.  My belief is that continuous improvement is not merely about achieving short term goals for a project but is also about developing systems that will sustain you in accomplishing step changes in performance. This can only be achieved when everyone is aligned with the business direction, meaning that engagement across the whole business is critical to success.

Using established models and methodologies to deliver sustainable change, I pinpoint the best approach to each problem, ensuring the right people are always focussing on the right things.

I work within to build teams who are equipped to overcome the problems facing them in a way that complements your business culture, whether that be an existing positive one or a new direction that is being forged.