Liz Brown

Business Change & Transformation

Focused on delivering tangible improvements for your business – enabling change at the individual level and keeping people at the centre of the process.

A professional project manager and change leader with a proven track record of embedding sustainable change in sectors such as UK Defence, UK Security and Policing, Local Government, Building services, Charity, Business Services and Accountancy.

I focus on building relationships at all levels, with a belief that everyone in your organisation has an important role to play in the delivery of successful business transformation.

Alongside my ability to enthuse and energise others to maximise their performance and delivery, I am also able to employ my strong communication skills to influence where necessary.

I believe the detailed analysis of information should underpin the decision-making process and use my robust analytical and problem-solving skills to support this, whilst still maintaining the ability to see the big picture.

Working with the end goal in mind is key, whether your aim is delivery of a new ERP system or a business relocation and restructure, and I am always ready to question the purpose of activities to ensure teams and tasks stay focussed on your overall objectives.