Jo Holloway

Business Improvement Analyst

A diligent, logical, solution-focussed business improvement analyst, I am passionate about ensuring the highest level of quality for any end product.

My previous experience in quality assurance in the manufacturing sector has enabled me to understand processes from the ground up, getting hands on with products and materials and programming complex machinery to ensure everything meets requirements.

Highly experienced in product assurance within the Space Imaging industry, I was the lead quality authority for various projects with organisations such as Mitsubishi and NASA and work closely with my customers to ensure all final products meet both industry standards and contractual conditions.

In my experience, every project will naturally have its challenges but I believe that it’s how you respond that determines success. As a proactive and creative problem-solver who has effectively managed difficult issues on high-level projects, I am adept at analysing flaws and areas of inefficiency and utilizing 8D techniques with my team to find workable solutions that improve processes and procedures.

I’m a great believer in the statement that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well, and apply this maxim to every project I undertake, so that my customers can be assured of the highest possible quality standards.