Ben Crabb

Project Management and Finance

As an experienced project manager, financial professional and analyst, I believe that the foundation of successful business and project management lies with both great people and a deep understanding of the business and its data metrics.

Qualified in several project management and financial analysis and advice techniques, I bring a high level of quality assurance and control to your business.

I am adaptable to any environment, having managed projects and businesses across multiple sectors and continents, including financial institutions, communications, data providers, technology, aviation, real estate and power generation in the UK, Middle East and Bangladesh. I am adept at communicating with people of any culture and background to provide positive change and implementation of new and innovative strategies.

I strive to understand your team, the challenges faced and the processes that make the business successful by facilitating open and honest feedback from all stakeholders in an environment that offers a safe space for all involved.

My strategies encourage ownership and accountability at every step on the way to positive change management and ensure that feedback is obtained and sampled at each stage, ensuring the success of your project.