Alan Sides

Organisation/Operations Development

Committed to working with individuals, teams and organisations to build capability, inspire change and deliver results for your business.

A highly experienced change agent: consultant, trainer, coach, facilitator and project manager with both UK and international experience in a range of sectors, including Construction, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance/Insurance, Rail, Utilities and Military.

Skilled in operations and leadership/management development, I have extensive expertise in facilitating behavioural change and cultural growth, improving engagement and creating high performing teams.

Good at connecting with people and bringing teams together, I enjoy being able to work both on and within the system. I believe in creative problem solving – combining a thorough, analytical, data-based approach with a readiness to take a broad view and actively look beyond accepted ideas.

My ethos is that by creating a positive environment of support and challenge throughout your organisation, those closest to the issues can make inspiring progress.

I strongly believe that if your business commits to development and learning, you can grow far beyond a transactional existence into something more inspiring and build a more passionate, productive organisation.