Adam Fergie

Change Communications

Passionate about people – committed to designing and delivering engaging communications strategies that support your employees through change.

A professional communicator with global experience encompassing a range of industries, including Facilities Maintenance, FMCG, Construction, Utilities, Business Services, Environmental Services, Local Authorities and Sports & Leisure.

I design end-to-end communications strategies that guide your employees and other stakeholders (e.g. c-suite, leaders, non-impacted colleagues, 3rd parties) through change and transformation.

My areas of expertise include supporting people through reorganisation and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, new systems and processes (e.g. the introduction of ERP and IT systems), business transformation and evolution.

I focus on people rather than spreadsheets. Using tried and tested communications models enables me to understand individual concerns and sensitivities within your business and establish each person’s unique place on the change curve.

Meaningful connection is key in driving successful change management throughout your organisation. I develop a bespoke comms plan that is creative and engaging, using both specific and regular ‘drumbeat’ communications tools and channels, to ensure everyone involved is kept Aware, Informed and Motivated through change.